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Caring for your Concrete Floors

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It is known that concrete floors are easier to maintain than other types of floors but if you have no idea how to take care of them then your pretty concrete floors will not last. It may be true that they are durable, however they glossy finish will not last if you do not take the time to do some maintenance care. If you are just new to concrete floors, then here are some helpful tips that will make sure that you will have concrete floors that will be always looking brand-spanking new.

1. Always dust your floors to remove the unwanted dust and dirt.

2. Make it a habit to mop your floors ever single day to keep it shiny.

3. For thorough cleaning, it is recommended to dip your mop in warm soapy water and use the mop to clean your concrete floors. Using warm soapy water will help disperse stubborn dirt on your floors.

4. Simply allow your concrete floors to dry after mopping.

5. Once your concrete floors are dry, you can use floor polish that is fit for your concrete floors to add a shine-finish.

Following these five simple tips does not take that much time to do, but it still depends on the size of your house or building that you are planning to clean. These five tips are not really time-consuming to apply to your concrete floors, and you also don’t need to do thorough cleaning step every single day if you can see that your floors are spotless from dirt. Also, make sure that you will buy floor polish that are designed to polish concrete floors. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your floors because of the harmful chemicals your floor polish contains. Floor polish is really cheap, you don’t need to buy really expensive ones to make sure that floors will always be shiny as all of the brands works as it should be.


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