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Concrete staining is a modern, economical and stylish choice for any floor in your facility or home. The staining gives a beautiful weathered patina finish with minimum maintenance. For best results on this type of flooring, it is necessary to follow present and post pour precautions. As part of Texas Concrete’s service, a free of charge consultation before the concrete pour is available to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Heavy duty floor coatings are available for all applications. These homogeneous coatings help sanitize, beautify, and reduce maintenance costs for any flooring use. There is also a myriad of colors and types of finishes to choose from.

There are many textures, colors and patterns available in concrete flooring finishes to achieve that designer’s or owner’s special look. Many of these finishes are accomplished by stamping the concrete at the initial time of the pour.

Stamping is also used on existing floors using an overlay technique.

Texas Concrete not only increases the beauty of your flooring, we increase the value. The long-term wearability, low maintenance and non-slip textures are features that give concrete treated flooring the competitive edge over other materials while ensuring the safety and comfort of residential & commercial clients.

Plus, we can customize any logo or decoration onto to your floor surface giving the floor a one-of-a-kind classy look.

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